Strategic thinking for human-centred products and services

With multiple years in design leadership and management, I have been at the fore-front of creating transformative digital products and services for major UK organisations the BBC, Pearson, DK, UK Government, NHS and Babylon Health

I work with and lead product teams, where I excell at understanding and surfacing customer and user behaviours, turning insights into action. Helping shape both people and processes to create high functioning teams that make products and services that delight users, increase adoption and deilver tangible benefits.

I am most effective working on gnarly problems where design has a real impact. This is reflected my work in healthcare and education, but my process isn't limited by sector. I apply user-centred approaches to any problem, drawing insights from a deep understanding of users to make great products and experiences.

After many years in the UK, our path has taken us back to Perth. This is selection of work, taken at key points of my career in the UK.

Key projects over the last few years

These are key projects over the last decade, chosen as they symbolise both breadth of experience and highlight approaches to building human-centred products.

Selected writing

I write about topics that sit across design, product, strategy and agile. Trying to put my personal take on the many organisations I have worked with. Additional posts can be found on Medium