I am a digital product designer combining insightful research with high quality interaction design. I have lead multiple design teams, worked alongside product directors, sold design into the c-suite and levelled-up design practice within organisations.

The last 20 years of my career has been in the UK, working with global brands and global agencies and organisations.

These include:

When working with clients, I often challenge exisiting mechanisms to software delivery by advocating an approach that:

  • speaks often and early to customers
  • Advocates data for decision making
  • Collaborates across disciplinary silos - from development, design, product and research
  • Drives towards outcomes rather than delivery of software features.

I have particular interest in healthcare and education, and I advocate for a design-lead approach that looks deeply at the problem, engages end users in the process, and continually monitors the impact of what's been made.

I have seen the impact that good design can have on people lives and how good products, focused on users, can transform the way people access services such as healthcare and education, connects with people and helps them better manage their lives.